Vilnix Sidious
Vilnix Sidious
Born 2514
Died 2607
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Author
HomeWorld Enkland
Family Severus Sidious (Father), Minerva Sidious (Mother), 3 Brothers, Hirminia Sidious (Wife), Arthur Sidious (Son), Severus Sidious (Son), Quintinius Sidious (Son)
Vilnix Robert "Roald" Sidious (September 13th 2514 - November 23rd 2607) was an acclaimed Enklish author during the 26th century, as well as the brother of Salazar Sidious


Vilnix Sidious was the 3rd of 4 sons. His father was a merchant named Severus Sidious and his mother was called Minerva Sidious . Much like his brothers, Vilnix did very well in school. After school he started writing. He published his first book when he was 24. Around this time, he met Hirminia , who he got married to in 2539. They had their first son, Arthur Sidious, in 2540. their second son, Severus Sidious II was born in 2541, and their final son, Quintinius was born in 2542. Vilnix published a total of 12 books in his life, 9 of them being best-sellers. He died at the age of 93 in 2607.

List Of BooksEdit

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