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The Annual Villain of The Decade Award is an award given to an actor or actress every 10 years in Ollieland for their portrayal of a villain in a film.


The Award started in 2700, and has been given out every decade ever since, with 11 awards being given as of 2814.


Decade Film Actor Role
2700s Well What is This? John Cochrane Danny La Vom
2710s Star Moules Albert McDuck Lord Evilson
2720s The Madman Tom Tart Madman
2730s Rise and Fall Oliver Tardly Mr. Jones
2740s Milattack Marvin Cobb General Etah
2750s Katattack Thomas Bridgeditch  Emperor Kat

The Bed Chronicles Movie

Stephen Hershawl Pillowman
2770s The Elder Skrolls Adventures with The Dovahkids: The Movie Ian Gesleg Darkuin
2780s The Ride of Your Life 2 Oran Sidrid Racer #4
2790s Star Moules VI Phillip Mountaon Lord Evilson
2800s At War IV: Justice Oran Sidrid Lord Darsmod
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