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Viceroy Saldoff Tiin of I.K.E.F (July 30th 2625 - September 15th 2714) was the leader and founder of the Empiristic group I.K.E.F , as well as a leading member of The Duckretists during The Fourth Great War.

Viceroy Saldoff Tiin
Born 2625
Died 2714
Species Kel Dor
Other Info
Occupation Leader and Founder of I.K.E.F, Member of The Duckretists
HomeWorld Keldish
Family Saldoff Tiin (Father)

Fimie tiin (Mother)
Saldoff Tiin III (Son)

Early Life[]

Tiin was born into one of the richest families on Keldish, The House of Tiin. He was the third son of Saldoff Tiin I (2589 - 2693) and Fimie Tiin (2590 - 2696). Tiin was a bright child and excelled in school. his father wished for him to become a politician or a Jedi. Tiin founded his political group I.K.E.F in 2659, and was the leader of it until 2680.


Tiin founded I.K.E.F (Independant Kel Dor Establishment of Freedom) in 2659. The group was based on the laws and rules created and inforced by The Empire. It was unpopular among most of the other citizens of Keldish, but the group managed to get 998 members by 2680.

The Fourth Great War[]

The Duckretists[]

In 2674, The Fourth Great War began with The Empire versus Ollieland and it's allies. Tiin made I.K.E.F neutral in the conflict for the first several years, but secretly supported The Empire. Tiin handed the role of Leader of I.K.E.F to his second-in-command in 2680, and joined The Duckretists later that year. he rose through the ranks, until he was one of the most important figures in the group.

The Battle of Randlmuur[]

Tiin was instructed with leading a large squadron of Duck Troops during the infamous battle of randlmuur. Tiin declined, saying how he was "no good on the front line: behind-the-scenes is my speciality.) Admiral Geoff, the leader of the Duckretists, was less than pleased with Tiin's attitude, and demoted him by one rank. If Tiin had fought in the battle, he would have become the leader of The Duckretists in 2706 instead of Admiral Spook.


In 2714, The Fourth Great War ended, resulting in the end of The Empire. Tiin recieved a hologram message from The Emperor, telling him to go aboard the main Duckretist ship and await further orders. Once there with all the other Duckretists, The Emperor left another message saying how for their effort in the war, he is sending his apprentice to "take care of you". Like the others, Tiin thought he would recieve a reward for his efforts, but instead, the apprentice was sent to kill them all. Tiin was the last Duckretist to die. Two of his servants, Imp Ger and an unamed Kel Dor, attempted to escape, but the sith lord appeared and killed the two servants. the CCTV footage revealed that tiin begged for his life, sayiing "But the war is over! The Emperor....he promised us peace? This is hardly wh-AHHHH". the sith sliced Tiin across the torso before he could finish his sentance, killing the Kel Dor.