Verstowa was a volcano that erupted in the Classical Era.

Vital statistics
Type Volcano
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Location Theoland
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Verstowa formed in roughly 1,117,000 AN. It formed a couple miles East of where isle of Sand is today. Verstowa was uninhabited but the islands surrounding the volcano weren't.

Animals before the eruption Edit

Verstowa was in the middle of the isles of punc. Each of the islands had life on including the now extinct, Dotular, which only lived on the islands. There were also small villages on the surrounding islands which used the rich volcanic land to grow crops.


The Volcano erupted in 4814 BBU. The eruption was the most powerful natural event to happen on the planet. Verstowa was only smoking for thirty minutes before erupting. All people living on the islands evacuated but the animals and islands weren't as lucky. The volcano erupted and almost instantly blew the top off shooting rocks all around the planet. The eruption was so powerful that it caused the two closest islands to collapse. The remaining islands got sunk when an tsunami made by the blast hit them. Half of the planet got covered in smoke and debris. The winds over Verstowa were blowing north meaning that most rocks and debris got flung over The Big T. These rocks formed the continent JJ.

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