Verigan Antioch I (1839 - 1904) was a hero of Minecraftia, who sacrificed himself to save the world from being destroyed by Emperor Blaze of The Nether.

Verigan Antioch I
Verigan 2
Born 1839
Died disappeared 1904
Species Minecraftian
Other Info
Occupation Unknown
HomeWorld Minecraftia
Family Minthor Antioch (Wife)

Karpath Antioch (Son)

Early LifeEdit

Verigan Antioch was born in The Antioch House in Minecraftia. His was the son of Thurlough Antioch and Thurlough's wife, who died giving birth to Verigan's younger brother, Arthur. Verigan grew up in his home, and inherited it at the death of his father. He lived there with his brother, his wife Minthor, and his son Karpath until 1904, when he moved to Terrovale. Arthur died in 1889.

Emperor BlazeEdit

In the late 1890s, Verigan discovered and learned about The Nether, Emperor Blaze and Blaze's plan to take over the world. He moved his family to the town of Terrovale, and left them there to go and stop Blaze.


On the 31st of october 1904, Verigan went through a Nether Portal, and somehow managed to delay Emperor Blaze's invasion by 110 years, sacrificing himself in the process. His son, Karpath, attempted to follow in Verigan's footsteps in 1920, but after reading his father letter to him, decided not to.

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