The Varg Family is a wealthy, powerful and noble family from Kahzland. During the 4 Great Wars, they were supporters of The Empire, holding powerful positions in the army, such as Admiral and Grand Moff. Through the marriage of Josephus Varg and Martha Varg, they are related to most of The Galaxy's Royal Families.

History Edit

The House of Varg was founded in 2300 by Vorigov Varg (2277 - 2374), the 2nd son of Baron Vladmir Varvarigo III (2243 - 2306), who in turn was the great-great-grandson of King William I of Kahzland, who united Kahzlanbd under one kingdom in 2175, at the age of 23. The Varg family remained close with the royals. The eldest son of each generation was granted the title "Lord" until the year 2714, where the title was taken away for their crimes in The Fourth Great War. The last "Lord" was Lord Victor Varg VI (2655 - 2749.) Notable Vargs include Grand Moff Varg of The Empire, and his grandson, Professor Varg.

Family TreeEdit

Admiral Rudolf Varg
Irene Varg
Professor Varg
Sophie Varg
Alois Varg
Admiral Varg
Marissa Varg
Joseph Varg
Tatiana Varg
Livina Varg
Marissa Varg
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