Senator Vad Miin (April 28th 2637 - September 15th 2714) was the former representative for the planet Keldish  in The Master Senate from 2663 - 2675, as wells as a member of The Duckretists during The Fourth Great War.

Vad Miin
Born 2637
Died 2714
Species Kel Dor
Other Info
Occupation Senator (Formerly), Chief Representative (Formerly), Duckretist
HomeWorld Keldish
Family Vad Miin Sr. (Father)

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Miin's life. He was born in the early 27th century on Keldish, into the wealthy House of Miin. He became a sentor in 2660, and was voted as the chief representative of Keldish in 2663. he kept this position for 12 years.

Chief RepresentativeEdit

Vad Miin was voted to become Keldish's representative in The Master Senate in 2663. He grew up in a post-war era, as he was born a year before the end of The Second Great War. He strongly advised the senate to join forces with The Emperor , who Miin secretly supported.

The Fourth Great WarEdit

The DuckrestistsEdit

Miin left his position in the Senate in 2675, a year after The Fourth Great War started. He soon joined The Empire, and began closely working alongside Admiral Geoff and various other supporters. In 2777, Miin helped found The Duckretists. He remained an active member of The Duckretists for the entirety of the war.

Mussan CrisisEdit

In 2793, Miin was put in command of a small squadron tasked with blowing up the Ollieish base on the planet Mussan. It took Miin and his men a year to finally sneak into the base and blow it up, as the Ollieish knew they were around somewhere. Miin was not promoted for his efforts, as he had hoped.


In 2714, The Empire collapsed, The Emperor went missing, and The Fourth Great War ended. Miin, and his fellow Duckretists, believed that The Emperor would reward them for their efforts in the war. They recieved a message from The Dark Lord saying how he has sent an apprentice to "take care of you". He had, in fact, ordered the apprentice, Lord Bumuud, to murder every single Duckretist. All the duckretists gathered on a small ship to await Bumuud's arrival. When he did arrive, they greeted him warmly, only for him to begin slicing them with his lightsaber. The high quality CCTV cameras on the ship caught the whole thing on camera. The video became an important piece of history. Miin was the 7th Duckretist to die. his last words were "PLEASE STOP!", screamed seconds before the sith apprentice cut off his right arm, and sliced his body in half, killing him. 

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