Happy Unikitty
Born 2 BBU
Died N/A
Species Unicorn Cat
Other Info
Occupation Princess, Hero
HomeWorld Legonia
Family King Unilion,

Queen Unitiger,

Unikitty is a Unicorn Cat who works with Batman and Agent 10.

Early Life Edit

Unikitty was born on the 5th of August 2 BBU in the palace of Unicorns. She was raised by the queen and was really happy. In 2 ABU her Mother died leaving Unikitty distraught. This mad her really hot headed and she got angry at the littlest things.

Destruction of Rainbow Land Edit

In 7 ABU Rainbow Land was attacked by Metal Claw. The king hid Unikitty in the basement during the attack. When Unikitty left the basement she was the only survivor of the attack. She was crying and looking for her father when she met Batman and Superman and they worked together to defeat Metal Claw.

Agent 10 Edit

In 9 ABU Unikitty and Batman helped Agent 10 defeat Professor Arachni and they worked as a team along with Iron Fist and The Captain.

The Heroes Edit

In 10 ABU Unikitty, Batman and Agent 10 made the group called the Heroes. She recruited that guy with the blue hat, R2-D2 and the Troopers.

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