Tranzax was a clone of the long dead Killer-Crator, Sorrax.


Tranzax was cloned by an unknown scientist, who discovered Sorrax's corpse: preserved. Tranzax immediatly sprung to life and killed the scientist. He planned to bring the killer crators through time to the present day by using a hidious machine that used portal energy.


Tranzax succeeded, and the killer-crators returned for 24 hours, including Sorrax and Fire Red. The Jedi however managed to malfunction the machine. It pulled all the killer  crators back into the abyss. Tranzax furiously tryed to stop it, but in doing so, it malfunctioned even more. The machine began to pour the portal energy into Tranzax's skull. The sheer amount of power in the portal energy is too much for any mortal being, and Tranzax self combusted after a few seconds, bursting into falmes.

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