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Doctor Who tl is a Theoland sci-fi tv show. Direct my Steven Davies( Series 1-5) and Russel Moffat (Series 6+)


Doctor Who is a theoish TV show about a time traveling alien who saves the Theoland Galaxy from aliens. He travels in a blue box called the Tardis with his companions.


Many characters have appeared in the TV show. This is a list of the main characters.

Actor Role
David Smith 1st Doctor and Master for the 2nd Doctor
Matt Tennant 2nd Doctor
P.I.T Pit
Karren Coleman Amy Pond
Jack Williams General
Jonathan Guild Harvros
Terry Jones Voice of Daleks, Cybermen and Handles
Fudge Voice of Adipose
Elizabeth Pwor Vastra
C3 PO Metal
Simon Davis Moxx of Balhoon
R2-D2 Voice of Spidey, The Great Intelligence (Robot Form)
Geoff Gibbon Voice of The Great Intelligence, voice of Vox, voice of Ood Tigma
Jim Yordavik Handles
T-Ree The Great Intelligence (Dinosaur form)
King Theo Himself
Papa Boar Craig
Kevin deador Weeping Angles
Timone Poopmbar Meer
James Smith Boba
Wane nasfromtoon Voice of Mummys, Voice of Urgals, Voice of Drudge, Voice of Trolls
Charlie Wonka Omeaga
Tom Dudley Death Omega voice of King Reapor
Timothy Greeth Voice of Skeletor
Happy Bob the Pug
Matthew Malore Voice of Finn, Mewtwo
Jake Nowerth Ancient Monks
Marvin walker Captain Burgundy, Commander Bear, clones

Awards Edit

Doctor who has been nominated for and won many awards.

Award Nominated/Won Show
Best TV Show Won Taftas
Best CGI Won Taftas
Best Director Nominated Taftas
Best Theoland TV Show Won Theoland Galaxy Entertainment Awards
Best TV Show Nominated Theoland Galaxy Entertainment Awards
Best Supporting Cast Nomionated Taftas
Best use of costume Won Taftas
Most Watched TV show Won The Year Awards

Episodes Edit

Title First Aired Stars Villians Plot
Doctor Who 3 ABU David Smith, P.I.T, Jack Williams Daleks, Harvos The Doctor is introduced to P.I.T, General and the daleks
Cyber Base 3 ABU David Smith, P.I.T, Jack Williams Cybermen The Tardis lands on a deserted moon to find a new enemy
Unit 3 ABU David Smith, P.I.T, Jack Williams Ood Unit has recently discovered a slave ship trading evil ood and General joins Unit
Adipose Invasion 3 ABU David Smith, P.I.T, Jack Williams Adipose An army of little blobs called Adipose are released onto Theoland. P.I.T gets Mew
Skull 3 ABU David Smith, P.I.T, Jack Williams Skeletor and skeletor's minions The Tardis gets stolen by a crew of criminals lead by Skeletor who plans to kill the doctor
Slave Traders 3 ABU David Smith, P.I.T, Jack Williams Daleks, slitheen The Tardis crashes into a dalek ship which is using slitheen as slaves
The Time Vortex 3 ABU David Smith, P.I.T, Jack Williams Time Sharks The tardis is attacked by time sharks and the trio are sent flying out into different points in time
Armaggeon 3 ABU David Smith, P.I.T,Jack Williams The Death, Daleks, Cybermen, The Great Intelligence Theoland is under attack from the past creating paradoxes and the great intelligence isrevealed
Series 2

Trivia Edit

  • The first episode aired in 2 BBU
  • The final episode of series 5 was the most watched episode of Doctor Who in the Theoland Galaxy and was also the most watched show in the year
  • Daleks, Mews and wookies all are existing species in the real galaxy.
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