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The war of the Galaxy is a war in The Theoland Galaxy which started in 11 ABU.

The War of The Galaxy
Began 11 ABU
Ended Unknown
Casulties Over 7 billion and rising
Other Info
Side #1 The Monachy
Side #2 The Imperials
Side #1 Leader King Theo
Side #2 Leader Emperor Elephantine

The Beginning[]

The war began when the jedi master, Thomas McGregor's padawan became a sith and took control of CityVille . The Imperials started invading other planets and all men on the planets works for the army. The Imperials had took control of Cityville and Hoenneon withing the first week and were storming Theoland and Geortheleon .

Storming Theoland[]

The Imperial soldiers were storming Theoland with the help of Darth Drain . However King Theo , Bebe and Hammy along with millions of soldiers defended. Darth Drain tried to kill Bebe but Hammy defeated him. When the Imperials knew they couldn't take over Theoland they decided to destroy it. They started building a super cannon on The Exercutioner that would knock Bebe Land into Theoland wiping out all life on the planet.

The Jedi Army[]

Theo had hired the jedi master, Thomas McGregor to build an army of strong jedi and gunmen to try and recapture planets as well as defend other planets like Georthleon. Thomas has so far found 5 jedi but one sacrificed himself to save the, thought destroyed, droid R2-D2 . McGregor and his team tried to reason with the bounty hunter leader Blatherjur in a Space Station but it was destoryed by the Imperial Star Destoyers .

The Fall of Georthland[]

On the 10th of September 11 ABU the georthland president is killed by the Imperials. Elephantine wants the planet to become a cloning planet so all civilians were killed. Only around 200,000 made it to Theoland. The Battle in the Gardens took place in the gardens of Georthland's famous palace, Hickening Palace, the palace was destroyed by the Imperial soldiers as was the garden. The last mega Mysaur died in the battle. The King and Princess made it out with the jedi army led by Master Thomas McGregor.


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