The Three-Week War
The Orcim drops a bomb upon a small village, killing 121 innocent civilians.
Began 20th of July 2640
Ended 3rd of August 2640
Casulties 11,018
Other Info
Side #1 The Sepetian Empire
Side #2 Falkarian Government, Gurtronian Government
Side #1 Leader Grand Admiral Edwin of Sepatia
Side #2 Leader President Lyndon Lark if Falakar, President Harold So of Gurton
The Three Week War was a war spanning a period of three weeks during the summer of 2640. It began after the dictator of Sepatia, Grand Admiral Edwin, began invading and bombing nearby planets in an attempt to increase the size of his Empire.

Beginnings Edit

In 2635, The Second Great War began. Edwin supported The Allied Forces during the war, in the hope that he could become allies with them. Edwin, however, wished to expand his Empire, and began planning an invasion of 3 nearby planets in 2637. The Second Great War ended in 2638. On July the 20th 2640, Edwin began his invasion.

Bombing and Invasion of Gurton Edit

Edwin and his army travelled to Gurton in a collosal ship known as The Orcim. The ship carried a type of bomb - so devastating that it could wipe out 5 square kilometers of land in the right conditions. After the President of Gurton refused to give in to Edwin, he dropped the bomb, obliterating the capital and killing the president. Gurton became part of "The Sepetian Empire", and Edwin next turned to Falakar.

Invasion of Falakar Edit

Once Edwin was in Falakar's atmosphere, troops sent from Ollieland attacked the ship. However, the number of turrets on The Orcim made it impossible for the Ollieish troops to get close enough to do any real damage. As the ship entered the county of Flint, an unknown Ollieish pilot kamikazeed into the bomb. The bomb then exploded whilst in the ship, causing it to begin a slow descent towards the ground. Exactly 17 minutes later, the fire burned through a wall into the fuel tanks. This caused the entire ship to erupt into a gargantuan explosion. The event was heavily publicized throughout the galaxy, as it had been caught on camera by a local reporter. Edwin was killed in the first explosion.

Sides Edit

The Sepetian Empire Edit

Falkarian and Gurtronian Governments Edit

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