The T.L Record is a Theoish wildlife documenting ship which crashed onto an unknown planet.


The crew consists of 5 members

  • Captain Echo Delta - captain and safety
  • Thomas Nooker - Engineer and pilot
  • Bethany Sping - Scientist and documenter
  • C5-L0 - Medic Droid
  • R9-T7 - Repair Droid


The ship crashed onto an unknown planet while travelling to the Ollieland galaxy to get information on some animal species. The planet which they crashed onto is in none of the 3 galaxies in the Master Universe . The planet is in deep space. The ship can only communicate with Theoland when the planet is facing the sun. Days only last 2 hours and most life is dangerous

Documented WildlifeEdit

The crew has succesfully documented some species of wildlife

  • Adpin - Small friendly creatures
  • 1 Armed Ferociouskill - a large carnivore
  • Owlt - A large flying bird big enough to carry the ship
  • Spinetailed Rolfs - Medium sized predators who hunt in packs and spit acid
  • Hornhops - Large Herbivores who can jump twice the size of a human
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