The Ride of Your Life was an Ollieish racing-Action-Comedy film, released in 2751.


James Nicholson is a young mechanic who dreams of racing. One day, a group of racers arrive to get their racing cars fixed, when they overhear James talking to himself about his dream. they mock and laugh at him, and drive off, knocking his tools over. Enraged, James goes to his boss and best friend, Old Man Joe, and tells him about what they said. Joe tells James that he has been saving up, and offers to give James enough money to enter the racing competition. After a week of James preparing, he discovers a closet that reveals that Joe used to be a racer. Joe trains James for a week, and then James enters the race. Competeing in the race are the group of racers, who laugh at James for thinking he could win. To their amazement, James comes in second. One of the racers, Racer #4, suggests to their leader, Jared, that they cheat and break James' engine. They do this, and James is apparently unable to compete in the race. However, Joe arrives and fixes James' car. To the group of racers' fury, James competes in the race. They all try to ram him and knock him into the wall, but James moves out of the way just in time, causing all 4 drivers to crash into each other. Racer #2's gas explodes, and the other 3 cars are sent tumbling and flipping out of control. James then wins the race, the trophy and the prize of £1,000,000. As the drivers are being taken to hospital, Racer #4 tries to throw a rock at James, but the rock bounces off James' trophy and into the racer's nose.


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