Oswald Chestefield Copperpott (December 10th 2726 - February 10th 2805), better known as his alias The Penguin, was a criminal mastermind and super-villain who committed many criminal acts in both The Ollieland Galaxy and The Theoland Galaxy.

The Penguin
The Penguin
Born 2726
Died 2805
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Supervillain, Criminal Mastermind, Billionair
HomeWorld Enkland
Family Thurlough Copperpott (Son)

Faora Copperpott (Daughter)

Early LifeEdit

The Penguin was born into the wealthy and aristocratic Copperpott family. He was the youngest of 5 sons. His parents were snobby Enklish aristocrats: Karpath Copperpott (2700 - 2785) and Elizabeth Copperpott (2703 - 2794). He was teased and bullied by his 4 brothers older brothers for his beak like nose and small stature. This constant teasing made him cold and ruthless. He was physically similar to his great-grandfather, The Penguin Sr., who had been a member of The Duckretists and had died in 2714.

Life of CrimeEdit

Oswald created his alias "The Penguin" after he successfully robbed a bank in 2740 using robot penguins and an umbrella, which he had secretly made in his bedroom. He ran away from home, and used some of his parent's money to buy a large underground cavern and cave system. Over time, he made this into his lair.

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

In 2759, he married an unknown woman. He had his son, Thurlough Copperpott, in 2760. He later had a daughter, Faora Copperpott in 2766. Both were born in his lair. In 2782, The Penguin encountered Batman, who tried to arrest him. When Oswald resisted, Batman fired a torpedo at the lair and sped off on a bike, resulting in the death of Oswald's wife. The Penguin swore revenge on Batman.

Short Thee and MaharolliEdit

In the 2780s, The Penguin travelled to Theoland, which he attempted to seize control over. He created a giant airship, on which he lived, and bombed The Great Capital , almost into submission. The young heroes, Short Thee and Maharaolli stopped him and his airship and bomb where destroyed. he faked his own death and returned to Ollieland.

Encounter with Batman and Death Edit

The Penguin next met Batman in December 2804, and attempted to kill the hero along with the help of his adult children. Vicious fights happened between them from December to February 2805. On February 10th 2805, The Penguin was finally killed by Batman. He attempted to speed away from a fight in a small pod he had built, but Batman shot it down with a torpedo. The Penguin, trapped inside the blazing pod, fell around 40 meters into an unstable, but giant, tree. When the pod hit the tree, it collapsed, landing on the firey pod, which then exploded in a giant fireball.


Nearly a decade later, Oswald's children attempted to avenge him by killing Batman's nephew, Superman. This fight resulted in both of their deaths.

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