2815 Edit

September Edit

8th of September Edit

Record number of Theoish immigrants arrive in The Ollieland Galaxy as Theoland's War of The Galaxy rages on. The Prime Minister is expected to make a speech on aid to Theoland later in the week.

11th of September Edit

Today Prime Minister David Thaugongy announced in his speech that The Ollieland Galaxy will not be sending aid such as resources, weapons or troops to The Theoland Galaxy, to help it in the ongoing War of The Galaxy which has ravaged our ally for the past month. The PM stated "My great-grandfather died in The Fourth Great War - where was Theoland for us during that period?"

14th of September Edit

Today, the planet Rapton has reported that it's leader, Rancor, the son of the infamous founder of Rapton, General Loki, has been murdered. His body was discovered this morning by his uncle, Tarkar, who has been made Regent of Rapton for 1 year, whilst Rancor's son Jarcor prepares.

October Edit

29th of October Edit

It emerged today that the newly made regent of Rapton, Tarkar, had been executed in the early hours of the morning. This comes one week since it was discovered that he had murdered his nephew, Rancor, Rapton's leader, in September. Rancor's son, Jarcor, has been crowned Leader of Rapton.

30th of October Edit

Today Prime Minister David Thaugongy announced his plans for a full-scale invasion of Rapton on November the 1st, following the execution of the planet's regent, Tarkar, yesterday. The Prime Minister said "For nearly 4 decades, Ollieland has been constantly bombarded with attempted invasions from our enemies on Rapton. Now, with the Government of Rapton in ruin following the execution of Regent Tarkar yesterday, seems like as good a time as any to invade, and remove this threat to our people once and for all."

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