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This is the private wiki about the fictional universe known as The Master Finger.

The Master Finger

Learn all about The Master Finger and the trillions of people who call it home.

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Learn all about one of the oldest and biggest planets in The Master Universe.

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The Fourth Great War

Learn about the bloody, 40 Year long conflict in The Ollieland Galaxy.

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Queen Mia of Mialand

Learn about the beloved Queen of The Mialand Galaxy.

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The Current year in The Ollieland Galaxy is 2816 ABU[]

The Ollieland Galaxy is the biggest, and oldest, Galaxy in The Master Universe.

The Current year in The Theoland Galaxy is 12 ABU[]

The Theoland Galaxy is the second biggest of The Master Universe's Galaxies

  • For Information about Theoland click here
  • The War of the Galaxy is currently happening for most recent news click [[News: The War of the Galaxy|here]]

The Current year in The Mialand Galaxy is 2030[]

The Mialand Galaxy is the smallest and youngest Galaxy in The Master Universe.