The Hero (also known as The King) was the first king of Balun , as well as the first winner of The

The Hero
Born around -20
Died 42
Species Balun
Other Info
Occupation King of Balun
HomeWorld Balun
Family King Grapp (Son), Prince Word (Son), Princess Wist (Daughter), Prince Tato (Son)
Tournament and only winner of The Tournament that isn't a small-class.

Early LifeEdit

The Hero was born in roughly -20, into an average, middle-class family. despite his family all being middle-class, he was the smallest.

The TournamentEdit

In the year 0, the Hero entered the first tournament, a competition held every 10 years, where a large group of Balun compete to see how high they can be thrown without getting killed. As expected, the middle and heavy-class Balun's were all instantly popping in the first round, until The Hero was thrown. He survived. Miraculously, after 20 pain-staking hours, The Hero was the sole survivour. He was crowned King of Balun for his bravery, strength and determination.


The hero was crowned king in at the end of the tournament in 0. He was a fair and wise ruler, who was dearly loved by all his people. he brought Balun into it's Golden Age.


On the morning of the 29th of July, in the year 42, The Hero was found popped, along with 3 of his four children and 2 previous winners of The Tournament. it is unknown who popped The Hero, but his death left Balun in deep mourning for months. The only survivor of the attack was The Hero's son, Prince Grapp , who was asleep when it happened. Grapp is the current King of Balun.

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