The Great Killer-Crator War
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A artist's depiction of the final battle
Began 1,999,000,000 AN
Ended 1,998,999,997 AN
Casulties 27,610
Other Info
Side #1 The Ollieland Galaxy
Side #2 The Killer-Crators
Side #1 Leader Emperor Ollie of The Ollieland Galaxy
Side #2 Leader King Fire Red of The Killer-Crators
The Great Killer-Crator War was a war that lasted 3 years, and was fought between the ancient Jedi of Ollieland and the war mongering species called Killer-Crators between 1,999,000,000 AN (OL-TZ) and 1,998,999,997 AN (OL-TZ)

First YearEdit

The War began when King Fire Red of the killer-crators invaded the city of Verdun , burning it to the ground. Ollie gathered the members of The jedi order, and fought Fire red's army with their swords. The Killer-Crators then moved on to the city of Wortun . This is where the famous Battle of Wortun took place. Over 56 of the 100 Jedi were killed, but only 17 killer-Crators of their army of 450. Ollie confronted the philosopher and inventor Albert Lighton, and asked him, along with other inventors, to make a new and more powerful weapon for the Jedi.

Second YearEdit

In the second year of the war, Ollie was desperate to find more people gifted in the force, so they could become Jedi. The second year of the war is known as "The Year of Sorrow", as over 17 cities were burnt to the ground, and well over 100 villages.

Third YearEdit

In the third year of fighting, Albert Lighton finally had created a new weapon, a sword whose blade is a sort of laser. He called these weapons Lightsabers. In the final battle of the war, which took place exactly 3 years after the war began, the Jedi managed to finally win a battle against the killer-crators. Fire Red came to confront the Jedi himself in the final battle of the war. This battle lasted over 14 hours, but resulted in not only the death of Fire Red, but the extinction of the entire Killer Crator Species. 

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