The Great Capital is the biggest city in Theoland and is also the capital city.

The Great Capital
Vital statistics
Type City
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Location Theoland, The Big T
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The great capital was create in 900 AN when some villages migrate north for better farming lands. The Great Capital was nearly destroyed during The Battle of the Universe due to the battle taking place just 2 miles from the border. Remarkabley the Great Capital has not been damaged at all in the many wars the planet has had.


The great capital is located by the east coast in The Big T
The great capital location

Location of the great capital


  • The great capital has over 50,000 boats, cars, planes and ships arrive in it each day.
  • The great capital is where King Theo lives.
  • The great capital is 20 miles long.
  • It is the main city in the Theoish TV show "Theoland Doctor Who".
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