The Georgian Dynasty was a period of Enklish history lasting 146 years.

History[edit | edit source]

The Georgian Dynasty was founded by King George I, when his father's cousin, Queen Anne of Enkland died in 2573 without an heir. George was made King of Enkland, and founded a dynasty of Kings, whose ideal was to have one son named George. The dynasty ended in 2719, at the death of King George IV, George I's great grandson, who died without any legitimate heir. the throne passed to George's brother, Geoffrey.

Members[edit | edit source]

  • King George I (2553 - 2639) - Founder of the dynasty. Son of Prime Minister Phillip Georgian. He died in 2639 at the age of 86, after 66 years on the throne.
  • King George II (2583 - 2648) - Only son of King George I. Keen sailor. Ruled for 9 years, until his death in a storm at sea in October 2648.
  • King George III (2613 - 2718) - Only son of King George II. Longest reigning monarch of Enkland, after a rule of 70 years. great-great-grandfather of current King, King Charles.
  • King George IV (2643 - 2719) - Eldest son of King George III. Ruled for one year, until dying of diabetes. Had no legitimate heirs, and so the throne passed to King Geoffrey, his younger brother, upon his death.

Line of Succession[edit | edit source]

The Georgian Dynasty

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