The Death Duck I was the first super space station in The Master Finger, and the 3rd biggest of all time.


The first death duck was a super space station under the control of The Empire . The giant space station was designed by Supreme Admiral Geoff of The Empire, as he had been planning it since he was promoted to Supreme Admiral. They secretly created by The Empire at the end of The Second Great War, and used as a weapon and as a base of operations duri ng The Third Great War.

Destruction of Raba-5Edit

The Third Great War began when The First Death Duck tested it's laser beam on the planet Raba-5 . Supreme Admiral Geoff planned for the laser to be able to destroy planets, and the laser worked just as he wanted. The Death Duck obliterated the entire planet of Raba-5, causing widespread anger and mourning. The news spread quickly around the galaxy, as The Prime Minister was visiting Raba-5, and was subsequently killed. This triggered the third great war.


At the climax of the 3rd great war, Ollieland sent out their top piolets on a mission to launch a small nuke into a vulnerable exhaust port that connects to the station's main reactor. It took an hour, as there where many enemy fighter piolets trying to stop the Ollieish piolets. Eventually, Ollieish piolet Benjamin Orehson managed to get past the defenses and launched the nuke. It shot down th exhaust port, and the Ollieish retreated. The Empire aboard the space station cheered as they though the Ollieish piolets had given up. 1 minuet later, the nuke went off, completley destroying The Death Duck, and killing all onboard.


A photo taken 0.25 seconds after the nuke went off

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