The fire guardian is the leader of the element trio and is the oldest, most powerful and evil.

The Fire Guardian
The fire guardian
The Fire Guardian
Born 1,134,291,903 AN
Died 1,134,291,889 AN
Species Spirit
Other Info
Occupation Guardian of Fire
HomeWorld Theoland
Family The Ice Guardian (Brother)

The Water Guardian (Brother)


The Fire Guardian was born in Theoland at 148,290 AN. He was born as a human and died at a young age. He was brought back to life by his two brothers 5 years after his death as a fire ghost. He killed the two brothers but they were brought back to life by a unknown creature. He was banished from Theoland along with his brothers, The Ice Guardian and The Water Guardian, after they nearly destroyed the planet.


He was banished to a dungeon on Lavaland which was guarded by lava sharks. After two years in the dungeon he escaped and brainwashed all the animals on Lavaland to be his soldiers. Many explorers have been sent to his dungeon to bring back the staff of fire which is The Fire Guardians power and life source, but every attempt has killed the explores including the famous Theoish explorer Dave Astro.

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