The Final Battle
An artist's depiction of The Final Battle - 2774
An artist's depiction of The Final Battle - 2774
Began September 2nd 2714, (10:30 AM)
Ended September 2nd 2714 (9:12 PM)
Casulties c. 19,710,000
Other Info
Side #1 The Allies
Side #2 The Empire
Side #1 Leader Supreme General Douglas Held

Grand Master Plo Koon
Grand Master Omo Iktotchi

Side #2 Leader The Emperor

Lord Konzerne
Grand Moff Trauer
Grand Moff Gratley

The Final Battle was, as the name implies, the last battle of The Fourth Great War, which had ravaged The Ollieland Galaxy for 40 years.

Background[edit | edit source]

By late July 2714, it was clear that The Fourth Great War was coming to a close. Both The Empire and The Allies had spent 4 decades fighting each other, and it was clear that soon a final confrontation, in which only one side will emerge, would end the war once and for all. Troops were withdrawn from the battlefields and prepared to all be sent in one last push against the opposition. By late August, it came to the attention of Prime Minister Proddle that The Death Duck had been brought dangerously close to Ollieland, and was surrounded by a gargantuan fleet of at least 8,000,000 fighter pilots, 50 StarDestroyers, 2 Super-StarDestroyers and The Excrutionator. On September the 1st 2714, Prime Minister Proddle ordered the Allies to send every single available pilot into space, where the battle would take place. An army of 113,451 was also sent to The Mün, which had been captured by The Empire, who had set up a shield generator to protect The Death Duck.

Beginnings[edit | edit source]

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