The Battle of the Universe

Heroes and villains against R2-D2From left to right BarBar, Boba Nett, Hammy, Emperor Elephantine, Emperor Ollie, Kign Theo, Queen Mia, Bebe, a Duck Troop, a Monkey Troop, TeeRee

The Battle of The Universe was a historic event which changed the course of The Master Universe forever.

The Battle Edit

The Battle took place in the year 0, after a droid in Theoland absorbed an incredibly powerful vortex ray. The Monkey Troops attempted to send the entire Theoland Galaxy through the time vortex, but instead the droid R2-D2 absorbed the laser, as well as the entire time vortex. The droid began spinning out of control, threatening to rip apart the fabric of reality any second. Theoland called for desparate help from it's neighbours, Ollieland and Mialand, who sent jedi, Droids, Troops, Creatures and Kings to try and stop the droid. Enemies and Monsters set aside their differennces in order to save their world. This battle was only 2 miles away from Theoland's capital city meaning many citizens got caught in the battle evactuating. Such a breathtakingly historic and amazing moment has ever happened since. After manging to aborb the time vortex out of R2-D2, the droid imlpoded into a gargantuan ball of blue flame. All that remained of the droid was a microchip, which the droid's owner used to rebuild him. 


The Battle of The Universe was never forgotten. This event is now used to mark the gap between the Classical Era dn The modern era, separating them into BBU (Before Battle of Universe) and ABU (After Battle of Universe). There is a giant crator where R2-D2 exploded, which is visited by tourists from all over The Master Finger.

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