The Battle of Mira-Kelff
Began January the 28th 2684
Ended January the 29th 2684
Casulties 31
Other Info
Side #1 The Allies
Side #2 The Empire
Side #1 Leader General Reginald Cox
Side #2 Leader Grand Moff Sponge
The Battle of Mira Kleff was one of the final battles of The Fourth Great War. It was an attempt by The Ollieland Galaxy to destroy The Empire's biggest super star-destroyer, The Excrutionator.

The Battle Edit

The Ollieish forces were led by General Cox. They had carefully designed bombs, which all the ships in Cox's squadron would fire at The Excrutionator during a suprise attack. When The Ollieish fired the bombs, every single one of them were destroyed by The Excrutionator's shield. General Cox hadn't expected the shield to be up, as it was a suprise attack. He then realized that the shield would only have been put up if they knew they were coming. The Excrutionator then let out a small fleet of DEI Fighters, which destroyed the Ollieish squadron, and killed all the pilots, including Cox.

Aftermath Edit

Cox and his men didn't die in vain. This battle showed The Ollieish The Empire's tactics. The Ollieish were able to perfect their bomb and suprise elements, which ultimately led to The Excrutionator's destruction during The Last Battle.

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