The Battle of Gaur Field
Began August 24th ABU
Ended August 25th ABU
Casulties Over 500,000
Other Info
Side #1 The Monarchy of Theoland
Side #2 The Imperials
Side #1 Leader Tlo Hoon

Captain Tri Thomas McGregor King Theo

Side #2 Leader Commander Creith

Darth Zazer Emperor Elephantine

The Battle of Gaur started on August 24th 11 ABU and ended on August 25th 11 ABU


The battle took place outside the Monachy's Hoenneon base in Gaur Fields. The generals of the basewas the Jedi Master Tlo Hoon and Captain Tri . The Imperial transport ships were lowering TA-TAs as well as thousands of Imperial Soldiers. Led by the sith Commander Creith arrived. Two hours before the battle's start the Ship piloted by Tan Polo and the jedi Master Thomas McGregor arrived along with three other jedis. But the sith, Darth Zazer also arrived with the ex-sith lord and bounty hunter Boba Nett . George , a young gunman who joined Master McGregor went to fight with the animals before the start with Captain Tri.


The battle began when all the TA-TAs shot at the monachy base. The Imperials had a shield up which no shots could get through but people can. The jedi along with thousands of clones charged the TA-TAs and shield generator. The animals were then sent out. With George riding a harse , Captain Tri on a speeder and the animal tamer Gligort the Oruc on a Mamakill . However Captain Tri was shot in the head by Boba Nett. Master McGregor dueled with Darth Zazer while the other 4 jedi fought Commander Creith. However the evil sith lord Raven landed his ship. He jumped out and Master McGregor, Zazer, Tan Polo, Chewing , Commander Creith, Boba Nett, Tlo Hoon, Yada , Master Rire , Master Wolfinbite , senator Pai , General Anesthetic , George, Gligort and WALL.Y all fought against him as a team. Creith was killed and all the animals were shot by the imperials.


Just before it looked like the Imperials had one Gligort unleased his secret weapon... the supposed extinct biggest creature to have existed in The Theoland Galaxy, a Mega Mysaur! Only a few Small Mysaurs were left like the famous Tee-Ree . The Mysaur destoyed all the TA-TAs and threw the turned of shield generators in to space where they would crash into star destoyers which tumbled down destoying imperial tranport ships. Boba Nett and Darth Zazer escaped to the super star destoyer, The Exercution , where Emperor Elephantine and Darth Drain watched their army destroyed. Lord Raven fled and the Mega Mysaur was left to wonder the fields destroying any imperials it finds.

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