Guy AKA That Guy With The Blue Hat
That Guy With The Blue Hat
Born 15 BBU
Died N/A
Species Minifig
Other Info
Occupation Office Worker, Hero
HomeWorld Legonia
Family Unknown
Guy also known as That Guy was a tour guide at Cretaceous Park until it closed down. After that he became and office Worker he partnered up to help save the world with Agent 10, Unikitty and Batman.

Early Life Edit

That Guy was born in Brickonia. Not much is known about him as no-one wanted to write about him.

Professor Arachni Edit

That Guy joined the team because he was one of the only people to survive the attack the refugee base in 9 ABU. He helped Agent 10 kill Arachni by distracting Robotron and Spidey.

The Heroes Edit

That Guy was one of the first members of the Heroes as he managed to survive Arachni many times. His gun was originally Galapos' wife Georgina. When they met in a battle ship she shot is leg but he managed to escape with his gun.

The super police Edit

The super police was formed by the Heores after they defeated Galapos. It was founded to keep the clumsy and not useful people out of the serious stuff. The members are.

  • Hans Moleman----Manager
  • Guy----Cheif
  • Nedry----Nerd
  • R2-D2----Friend of the Nerd
  • Blue----Second in command
  • Sleep----Watchmen
  • Scott Traveler----Friend of Hans.
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