Julian Johns
Born 2663
Died 2737
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Supreme General of Ollieland
HomeWorld Ollieland
Family Sir Arthur Johns (Father)

Louise Johns (Mother)
Clarissa Johns (Wife)
4 Children

Supreme General Julian Johns (Julian Arthur Harold Edward; November 3rd 2663 - March 3rd 2737) was a high ranking officer for The Allies during The Fourth Great War, as well as the Supreme General of Ollieland after the death of Supreme General Douglas Held.

Early Life Edit

Julian Johns was born on the 3rd of November 2663. His father was Sir Arthur Johns, and his mother was Louise Johns. Julian had 2 older siblings.

Military Career Edit

When Julian was 11 years old, The Fourth Great War began. Julian enrolled in the largest Ollieland Military Academy, where he trained to be a soldier. He left the academy in 2681, and went to the front line where he fought in various battles. In 2690, Julian was made a corporal, and in 2705, a general.

Personal Life Edit

Julian married Clarissa Hallton on the 8th of December 2688. They had 4 children:

  • Margaret Johns (2689 - 2771)
  • Arthur Johns (2691 - 2746)
  • Patricia Johns (2693 - 2780)
  • Alfred Johns (2695 - 2768

Supreme General Edit

On the 28th of January 2715, a few months after the end of the war, Supreme General Douglas Held was assassinated by Robert Dark. Julian was selected to replace Held as Supreme General of The Ollieland Galaxy's army, navy and airforce. Julian held this position until his retirement in 2730, when his health began to drastically deteriorate.

Death Edit

Throughout the 2730s, Julian's health worsened. In 2733, he lost the ability to walk and, in 2736, became paralysed from the neck-down. He was frequently visited by his grandchildren, which kept his spirits up. However, Julian finally died on the 3rd of March 2737, exactly 8 months before his 74th birthday.

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