Supreme Admiral Geoff was the founder of The Duckretists, as well as an extremely high ranking admiral for The EMpire during The Fourth Great War

Supreme Admiral Geoff
Born 2638 ABU
Died 2692
Species Duck
Other Info
Occupation Leader of The Duckretists, Admiral in The Empire
HomeWorld Darkland
Family Clancy Shreeves (Father), Sarah Shreeves (Mother), Admiral Spook (Nephew)


Geoff was the second son of Clancy and Sarah Shreeves. Born John Shreeves, he soon changed his name to Geoff for unknown reasons. He whole-heartedly supported The Empire during the battle of Genosia, and vowed to join them one day. He was promoted to Supreme admiral after 7 years of working for the empire, after he created and designed The first Death Duck.

The DuckretistsEdit

Geoff founded The Duckretists in 2680, and ruled over them for 12 years.


Geoff was killed in 2692 ABU by The Ollieland Empire. He was aboard The First Death Duck as it was preparing to blow up the entirety of Ollieland. His last words were "Success!". 1.5 seconds after triumphantly declaring that, The Death Duck exploded into to trillions of tiny burning pieces of metal.

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