Born 12 July 2010
Died n/a
Species Guinea Pig
Other Info
Occupation none
HomeWorld Earth
Family Snowflake (Daughter), Fudge (Daughter), 4 more children, Marshmellow (Sister), Dottie (Mother), Crumpet (Father)

Squeakers The Guinea Pig (Squeakers Crumperton Charlie Rudolph Porcellus Cavy-Doofar; born July 12th 2010), also known as Squeakers Piggy and Chief Squeakers of the Tribe is a guinea pig currently living on Earth, and father of Fudge and Snowflake. He is also the first and current chief of "The Tribe", and clan of guinea pigs living in Africa.

Early LifeEdit

Squeakers was born on the 12th of July 2010 into a litter of just two. His father was Crumpet and his mother was Dottie. Like his parents and siblings, Squeakers was made part of the Whitehall Guinea Pig Breeding Program. Unlike his father, he had more than one mate.


Squeakers' first litter was born on the 26th of April 2011, to an albino female named Icy. Icy gave birth to a litter of four, the youngest being a daughter called Snowflake. Squeakers' second litter was born 11 days later; on the 7th of May 2011 to a Rex named Caramel. This was a litter of only two; the oldest being a daughter - Fudge.

Escape Edit

Shortly after 2 of his daughters were sold, Squeakers made a plan to escape. On the 26th of June, he escaped Whitehall along with 15 other guinea pigs (including his great-uncle, Charlie.) They hijacked a boat and traveled to Africa, where they set up a colony of Guinea Pigs. As a reward for successfully getting his team to Africa, Squeakers was made Chief of the tribe, which was named simply "The Tribe."

Reunion Edit

Years later, 2 guinea pigs arrived at the tribe with a zebra and hippo. When Squeakers inspected them, he noticed that the younger had a birthmark of Africa on her lower lip - just like him. It was then that he realised that these weren't just two guinea pigs. They were his daughters: Fudge and Snowflake. He welcomed them to the tribe with open arms. One year later, Fudge and Snowflake left to go to New York Zoo. Marty and Gloria (the zebra and hippo) stayed with the tribe, until they left to join a circus a year after that.

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