Square Guys are a little warrior like animal which often are at war. They are native to the Square Guy Planet but are found all over the Theoland Galaxy.

Square Guy
Square guy
A Square Guy
Vital statistics
Habitat Plains/Forests Theoland,Frosetle, Square Guy Planet
Diet Berries, Lizards, Snakes,
Status Omnivore
Physical attributes
Height 2cm - 30cm
Weight 10 grams - 1 kilogram
Notable features Large sharp teeth

Square shape Yellow

Biology Edit

Square Guys are very smart and are able to defeat many animals much larger then them like Humans. Due to their intelligence they are able to make wooden spears and other wooden weapons.

Weaknesses Edit

Square Guys are very tough and don't have many weaknesses but due to their super sensitive teeth a chip could cause a Square Guy immense pain for weeks.

Allies Edit

Square guys have many animal allies that they fight with which include the Crocoelekey and some humans. They helped out humans when monkey troops were invading Pallet Town which is where some square guys live. They have been allies with the crocoelekey empire since they saved them from The Devil's Sheep.


Square Guys have many enimies like the Devil's Sheep and Koo Koos. They have been at war against the devil's sheep when they invaded the capital city of the square guys, Squaregoya.

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