A SpiderBot with Professor Arachni
Vital statistics
Habitat Brickonia
Diet Nothing
Status Evil
Physical attributes
Height 5 cm
Weight 30 Grams
Notable features 3 legs, Robot, Laser
SpiderBots are a robot species created by Professor Arachni.

Creation Edit

Spiderbots were created by Professor Arachni in 8 ABU. One of the ways they were made is by putting a special poison on living creatures who then mutate into SpiderBots. The only way to kill a spiderbot is to knock it over so it is on it's back and then shoot through the holed in the laser which is the exhaust that goes to the engine of the robots.

Life after Professor Arachni Edit

After Arachni was killed the robots were hacked by Galapos to work for him along with Arachni's other robots, Skeletrons and Micromanagers. However the poison ran out so the spiderbots had to be built instead of mutated.

Weaponry Edit

Spiderbots had a good arsenal including lasers poison and laser bullets. They were also very big compared to minifigs and could crush them.

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