Spacewhals are large space creatures in the Theoland Galaxy.

a starhwal compared to a human
Vital statistics
Habitat Space of the Theoland Galaxy
Diet Asteroids
Status Uncommon
Physical attributes
Height 30m (from head to tail)
Weight 100,000kg
Notable features Gray

Sail-like fin


Starwhals are unlike many other creatures in the Theoland Galaxy, they are one of only 5 who live in space and can't live on planets. Due to their amount of mass compared to their weight they are lighter then air and will float off the planet. They live in familes of 20 with the male being much larger then the rest. Some Starwhals that live in dangerous parts of space like around pirate planets of sith controlled planets evolved tusks which can puncture steel. Their fin harvests solar power which propelles them through space at speed of up to 90mph! They migrate around the galaxy following asteroid belts and large individual asteroids which they raise their young on. There is a comet the size of a small moon which is named "The Spacewhal Breeding Moon". This asteroid is used by most Starwhals when they give birth and raise their young.

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