Sorrax was the malevolent "Final King" of the killer crators.

Born 1,998,999,869 AN
Died 2404 ABU
Species Killer Crator
Other Info
Occupation none
HomeWorld Lava Land
Family King Fire Red (Father), Tranzax ("Son")

The Ancient TimesEdit

Sorrax was the illegitimate son of King Fire Red , the ruler of the killer crators. Sorrax was born shortly before his species and father were killed by Ollieland. Sorrax knew he must survive and bring revenge upon his father. Sorrax went into a deep hybornation for millions of years. 


Sorrax was frozen for millions of years, until he was unearthed by a shipwrecked skydiver,  Oliver Herrick, a distant descendant of the jedi that single handedly killed Fire Red. Driven insane with hate and fury, Sorrax proceded to try and rip Herrick apart. Herrick bravely fought back though, and ended up knocking Sorrax into a geyser which then erupted, killing Sorrax once and for all.

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