A Skeletron
Vital statistics
Habitat Legonia
Diet None
Status Evil
Physical attributes
Height 2.5cm
Weight 20 grams
Notable features Metal Red Eyes Skeleton

Skeletrons are robots created by Professor Arachni.

Creation Edit

Skeletrons were created by Professor Arachni as he needed foot soldiers and they were easy to make. After Arachni died Galapos couldn't remake them like Arachni could so he captured minifigs and but their brains inside the skeletrons. He made sure the skeletrons couldn't remember anything about their previous life so. However some skeletrons broke the system and told the heroes about Galapos' plan.

Robotron Edit

When professor Arachni's ship blew up in 10 ABU he 1 skeletron and micromanager survived. He upgraded the skeletron making it smarter and sentinent. However after Arachni went into hiding Galapos brainwashed Robotron and the rest of the skeletrons to do his biding.

Return of Arachni Edit

When Arachni returned there was only one skeletron left. Arachni and his 3 remaining soldiers had to work with the heroes if they were going to survive.

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