Sir Winston Genevert
Winston as "Butler Becket" in 2768.
Born 2701
Died 2777
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Actor
HomeWorld Enkland
Family General Gerald Genevert (Father)

Dora Genervert (Mother)
Ethel Genevert (Wife)
6 Children

Sir Winston Genevert (Winston William Patrick; March 28th 2701 - March 25th 2777) was an Enklish actor and director, most known for portraying the second incarnation of "The Doctor" in the science fiction TV series "Doctor Who", from 2761 until 2764.

Early Life Edit

Winston was born on the 28th of March 2701, on Enkland. His father was General Gerald Genevert (2675 - 2748) and his mother was Dora Genevert nee Carbnot (2678 - 2762). Winston's father had served as a General during The Fourth Great War, and had commanded The SS Starlight - a large allied cruiser - during the final battle of the war. Gerald had once ran for the role of Supreme General of The Ollieland Galaxy, but lost the election to Terence Bleach. Winston had 4 younger siblings.

Career Edit

Winston first acted in 2720, where he portrayed an extra who is eaten by the giant Hozoom in the film "Attack of The Hozoom." He spent the next 2 decades appearing in various films and television shows - mostly as extras in military-themed movies. In 2742, his first major role as General Horatio Gammon in the film "Last Days of The Fourth Great War" landed him several other larger roles. In 2761, the actor who played the title character of "The Doctor" in the hugley popular TV show "Doctor Who", John Chestfur, decided he wanted to stop playing the character. The show's creator, Cecil Oldboy, approached Winston to replace Chestfur. Winston played "The Doctor" for 3 years, before his retirement from film in 2764. He later reappeared in Doctor Who as the second doctor during a special episode in 2776.

Later Life Edit

Winston settled down after his retirement. He occasionally did voice-over work, and made a few cameos in Doctor Who. He hosted the Villain of The Decade award ceremony, where Pillowman (portrayed by Stephen Hershawl), was named as the best villain of the 2760s. Winston died on the 25th of March 2777, 3 days before his 76th birthday. The Doctor Who episode "Light's Out Part II" was dedicated to him.

Personal Life Edit

Winston married his wife, Ethel Jonry, in 2725. They wished to have one son and one daughter. They had their first son, actor David Genevert, in 2728, but weren't successful in having a daughter until a decade later, when their daughter Joanna was finally born in 2738. Between 2728 and 2738, they had 4 more sons whilst trying to have their daughter. As of 2816, Winston has 6 children (2 deceased), 12 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and 27 great-great-grandchildren.

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