Sir Andrew Burry
Born 2756
Died n/a
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Senator
HomeWorld Enkland
Family Brigadier-General Owen Burry (Father)

Agatha Burry (Mother)
Jayne Burry (Wife)
5 Children

Sir Andrew Alexander Burry MS (born March 22 2756) is an Enklish senator, who ran for Prime Minister in the 2795 election, and has announced that he will be running in the 2820 election, too.

Early Life Edit

Andrew Burry was born in Enkland on the 22nd of March 2756. His father was Brigadier-General Owen Burry, a high ranking military officer. Andrew's mother was Agatha Burry, the daughter of the Lord and Lady Thaugongy. Through his mother's younger brother, Reginald, Andrew is a first cousin of Prime Minister David Thaugongy.

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