Senator Fibus Rauber (June 7th 2661 - September 15th 2714) was the former representative for Dreckland, and later, a member of The Duckretists.

Senator Fibus Rauber
Born 2661
Died 2714
Species Tusken
Other Info
Occupation Duckretist, Representative of Dreckland
HomeWorld Dreckland
Family Lord Rauber (Father)

Early LifeEdit

Rauber was the only son of Lord Rauber, one of the most wealthy men on the planet. Rauber had a strict, but privalledged upbringing. He becmae a senator, and was later voted to become the chief representative for Dreckland in 2685.

The DuckretistsEdit

Rauber joined the Duckretists in 2695, only 19 years before the end of the war. In 2710, Rauber fought in The Battle over Darkland, shooting down over 50 ships in the space of 30 minutes.


When the war ended in 2714, The Emperor sent his apprentice to murder all The Duckretists. Rauber was one of the few that attempted to fight back. He ran into a meeting room, picked up a hidden sniper rifle, and ran towards the door. However, the apprentice was waiting, and sliced the gun in half. Rauber screamed "NO", but was then silenced as the young sith sliced him in half as well.

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