Seftus Sidious
Seftus Sidious
Born 2510
Died 2587
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Professor of Biology
HomeWorld Enkland
Family Severus Sidious (Father), Minerva Sidious (Mother), 3 Brothers, Maris Sidious (Wife), Orlis Sidious (Son)
Seftus Albus Sidious (April 29th 2510 - January 7th 2587) was a professor of Biology on Enkland, as well as the oldest brother of Emperor Salazar Sidious.


Seftus was the oldest of Severus and Minerva Sidious' 4 sons. He  did resonably well in school, and became a teacher soon after he graduated. He later studied Biology and became a professor in Universities. He met Maris Wentax whilst on a walk, and they got married in 2534. Their only child, a son named Orlis, was born 2 years later. Seftus died in 2587 at the age of 76.

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