Rupert Lobjoy (Rupert John Charles Lobjoy; March 22nd 2691 - August 3rd 2799) was an Ollieish painter and writer. He claimed to be a great-great-grandson of The Emperor.

Biography Edit

Lobyjoy was born on the 22nd of March 2691, in Ollieland. He was the only child of Charles Lobjoy (2645 - 1938), a mechanic, and Rosemary Lobjoy (2651 - 2741). Charles was a grandson of John Lobjoy. John had claimed for years that he was the illegitimate son of Charlotte Lobjoy, and Salazar Sidious. After his father revealed to him that he was a descendant of The Emperor, Rupert decided to never have any children, so as not to spread The Emperor's genes throughout the galaxy. In 2790, Rupert's DNA was compared with that of some descendants of Vilnix Sidious. The tests proved that Rupert was, indeed, a descendant of Severus and Minerva Sidious - The Emperor's parents. After Rupert's descent from The Emperor was proven, he retired from the public limelight. He died in obscurity in a nursing home, on the 3rd of August 2799. He was 108 years old.

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