Robert John Dark (29th of March 2666 - 11th of March 2716) was an Xnobian assassin, who became infamous in the early 28th century after he assassinated 2 war politicans and heroes, Archibald Proddle and Douglas Held.

Robert Dark
Born 2666
Died 2714
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Assassin
HomeWorld Xnob
Family Marcus Dark (Father)

Anfisa Dark (Mother)

Early LifeEdit

Dark was born into an unloving, poverty-stricken, xnobian family. He was the only child of Marcus Dark (2630 - 2701) and Anfisa Dark (2636 - 2713). When Dark was 2, his parents abandoned him, and he was forced to fend for himself. He killed his first man when he was 12, and had killed nearly 100 men by his 25th birthday.

Assassinating The KingEdit

In 2687, Dark was hired by a member of The Duckretists to assassinate King Uberto of Biese. Dark travelled to Biese, where he viewed the King giving a speech from a balcony. As soon as the king walked into the palace and the doors closed, Dark fired a shot at Uberto from a sniper gun. The bullet went straight through the centre of his heart.

The End of The WarEdit

In 2714, The Fourth Great War was won by the forces of Ollieland and The Allies. The Duckretists were subsequently murdered by The Emperor. Dark was hired by a duckretist's brother to assassinate the two leading figures for the allies in the war. Dark's first target was Supreme General Douglas Held. On January the 24th 2715, Dark fired a rocket at Held during a parade. The rocket struck Held's leg, and exploded, killing the 85 year old war hero. Dark's next target was Prime Minister Archibald Proddle. Whilst Proddle was giving a speech about tracking down Held's murderer, Dark fired a second rocket at the Prime Minister. This time, Dark was caught.


Dark was found guilty of the murder of Douglas Held and Archibald Proddle, along with many more famous people. For his crimes, he was sentanced to electrolysis in The Senate. Dark's last words before he was dropped to his doom were "I will have the last laugh..." He was the only criminal to not scream as the fell to their deaths.

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