R2 D2
R2-D2 in 8 ABU
Born 5 BBU
Died N/A
Species Astromerch droid
Other Info
Occupation Droid
HomeWorld Theoland
Family N/A
R2-D2 is a astromerch droid who belonged to Bebe.

Early Life Edit

R2 was made in 5 BBU by Fish who built for Bebe when he grew up. Fish gave R2 to Bebe when Bebe was a month old. So R2 became Bebe's best friend as they spent mostof their life together.

The Battle of the Universe Edit

in 0 R2 was on a mission with Bebe and Hammy to infiltrate a droid base. However what happened changed the universe forever. Hammy and Bebe saw the droids carrying a weapon so powerful it destroy a galaxy. They were about to fire it a Bebe when R2 jumped into the laser. Bebe thought R2 was ok as he was still moving but then R2 exploded into a massive monster made of electricity and darkness. He became so powerful he could destroy the universe, starting with Theoland. Not even King Theo was strong enough to defeat R2 so Theo called upon his siblings to help. The Ollieland and Mialand galaxy came to help but were still not powerful. Monkey Troops and clones fought together. Duck Troops and Ollieish soldiers fought together. Whatever the two sides in the Mialand galaxy are fought together. The entire universe teamed together, good and evil, to save the master universe. The battle lasted days. Billions died. But the universe won. The final blow to R2 was all the gods Ollie, Theo and Mia using their powers to erase R2 from existence except his power core. The battle was over, billions died, billions were injured, jedi, sith, monkey troops, duck troops and all species saved the universe.

R2 D2 DarkForm

R2-D2 dark form

After the battle Edit

After the battle was finished Bebe grabbed Fish as they tried to rebuild R2. They spent days in Fish's lab trying to save R2. Days later Bebe and Fish emerged with R2-D2 V.2

Losing R2 Edit

In 10 ABU Bebe and R2 were on a mission on Cityville when their ship was shot. Buzzing droids cut R2 out and he fell to the bottom of the planet. R2's tracking chip was destroyedby the fall and Bebe couldn't find him. Bebe spent weeks searching but after 4 months gave up. He refused to get a new droid until their found R2.

The War of the Galaxy Edit

in 11 ABU R2 was found by the jedi Thomas McGregor. He was found hours into the first day of the war and was rescued. They were heading to Theoland when Theo told them to build a jedi army. Bebe saw R2 and began crying with joy. Bebe asked if R2 wanted to come back but R2 said (translated by D3-TO) "Sorry Bebe but I must fight for Theoland, I may not be able to speak or fight but I can help build the jedi army and help us win this war!" Bebe let R2 go.

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