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Queen Mia of Mialand
Born 1782
Died n/a
Species Human/God
Other Info
Occupation Queen of Mialand
HomeWorld Mialand/ Earth
Family Big Bo (Husband), Emperor Ollie (Brother), King Theo (Brother), 8 Children, 7 Nephews

Queen Mia[]

Queen Mia is a lovely lady and ruler of the Mialand galxcy.Mia has 8 children and the oldest lola.lola is the air to the frone.The majesty of the galxcy [mia] is very athletike and has verose names such as the thred one,The Queen,King Ollies sister,King Theos sister and lost more some times she gose to archery lesos for the war of Mialand agenst Gamaler land. as the ruer of the therid gaxcly she has a lot of work wich she gets help from her husband big bo when he is not at a canpain for panda rights this will be soon a law that it is alegale to kill pandas and disdroy panda habetabs.  


Her masgity has 2 sons and 6 daughters her sons are called peter and michael and daughters are called dizzy dazzy lola baby panda and peppa. she used to have anothr daughter called alice, but she is now dead after traing to kill her cosen sandy and tried to aoer take the frone to the Mia land gaxcly,


the hisroy of mialanda is very long