Queen Lily of Enkland (Lily Ann Frances; 4th August 2700 - 30th March 2802), also known as The Queen Mother, was the Queen of Enkland from her husband's coronation in 2755, until his death 37 years later. She was the mother of the current King of Enkland, King Charles.

Queen Lily of Enkland
Born 2700
Died 2802
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Queen of Enkland
HomeWorld Enkland
Family Claude Bogen-Löwe (Father)

Cecillia Bogen-Löwe (Mother) King Ewan of Enkland (Husband) 4 Children 5 Siblings

Early LifeEdit

Lily was the 3rd of 6 children. Her father was the wealthy Claude Bogen-Löwe, and her mother was Cecillia Bogen-Löwe, the daughter of Sir John Nickben. Lily was the oldest sister, having 2 older brothers, 1 younger brother and two younger sisters.

Marriage and Children Edit

Lily's father was good friends with Prince Christopher, her future father-in-law, who was the next-in-line to the throne at this time. the two men arranged for their children to be wed. Lily married Prince Ewan on July 27th 2727. They had their first child, Prince Charles, in 2732, and later had 3 more children.

Coronation Edit

Lily's husband, Ewan, was crowned the King of Enkland upon his father's death in 2755. Lily was also crowned Queen of Enkland upon the death of her father-in-law.

Death of Ewan Edit

King Ewan died in 2792, when Lily was 92 and when he was 93. Lily was heartbroken. Upon her husband's death, her eldest son Charles, and his wife, became the King and Queen, and Lily was made "The Queen Mother."

Centenary Edit

Lily celebrated her 100th birthday on the 4th of August 2800. A documentary was made on her life, and thousands lined the streets as she waved from the palace balcony with her family.

Death Edit

Lily died on the 30th of March 2802, at the age of 101. The people of Enkland were griefstricken for weeks. There is a statue of her, alongside her husband, in te east side of the palace gardens.

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