Queen Bellubulub The Magnified (January 1990 - 2002) full title Queen Bellubulub the Magnified of Cavietopia, Queen of Briema, Empress of all Bloblets was a the Queen of the country Cavietopia from her brother's abdication in 1992 until her death a decade later, as well as the first Empress of all Bloblets and ruler of The Caviesian Empire.

Queen Bellubulub The Magnified
Born 1990
Died 2002
Species Guinea Pig
Other Info
Occupation Queen of Cavietopia
HomeWorld Cavietopia
Family King Ag I (Father)

Queen Parthenope (Mother)
1 Brother
4 Sisters
40 children

Early Life Edit

Bellubulub was born into a litter of 6. Her brother was the infamous King Charles the Unusual. Her sisters were Princess Glad, Princess May, Princess Glad and Princess Bean. Her father was King Ag the Restless and her mother was Queen Parthenope. Her sister Bean died 20 minutes after their birth.

Reign of Charles Edit

After her father's death in December 1990, her brother became the King. For an unknown reason, he banned the consumption of carrots, and imprisoned anyone who did. After Charles gave half of his kingdom to the treacherous Orlovo, Bellubulub confronted Charles about this, and he banished her for it. However, she returned in 1992, with a band of followers, and started a revolution. A few months later, Orlovo was defeated and Charles was captured and imprisoned. Bellubulub revoked the law on carrots and a new age of peace and prosperity came over the Kingdom.

War of the buzzards Edit

in 1995 the buzzards declared war on cavietopia. The guinea pigs teamed up with pugs and lead a charge on the buzzard capital. However the guinea pigs lost. The final battle took place in Cavietopia, when the King of Buzzards lead an attack killing hundreds of guinea pigs and pugs. Bellubulub rode on her pug, George, to confront the king of the Buzzards. Bellubulub was knocked off and the king of the Buzzards picked her up and began flying away when George bite his tail and Bellubulub and the King crashed in Cavy Castle. After an intense fight bellubulub was thown out of the castle and crashed through a statue of her grandfather. The king of the Buzzards was about to crushed Bellubulub's head when using her carrot sword, stabbed him in the heart. The war ended when Queen Bellubulub climbed atop the destroyed statue and stated that the King of the Buzzards was dead. The buzzards surrendered and retreated.

Death Edit

Bellubulub died a decade later in 2002, at the age of 12. After her death, the kingdom was passed onto her eldest son, Ag, who became King Ag II. Charles had died in 1999 at the age of 9.

Personal Life Edit

Bellubulub had her first litter in 1991. She then had 3 more between 1991 and 1994, resulting in her having nearly 30 children, and around 100 grandchildren. Two of her great-great-great-great-great-great-granddaughters alive today include Fudge and Snowflake, through their paternal grandmother Dottie - Bellubulub's great-great-great-great-grandaughter.

Ancestry Edit

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