Queen Anne I of Mordu (born Anne Elizabeth Louise; 23rd June 2552 - 28th February 2640) was the Queen of Mordu from her father's death in 2574 until her own death a whopping 66 years later, giving her the longest reign in Mordu's history.

Queen Anne I
Born 2552
Died 2640
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Queen of Mordu
HomeWorld Mordu
Family King George II of Mordu (Father)

Queen Elizabeth of Mordu (Mother)
Prince Reginald (Husband) Queen Anne II (Daughter) King Reginald I (Son)

Early LifeEdit

Anne was born at 1:00PM on the 23rd of June 2552. At the time, her father was Prince George, The Duke of Hamoat (the next-in-line to the throne), and her mother was Elizabeth, Duchess of Hamoat. Anne was baptised in October of that year, and named Elizabeth after her mother and Louise after he maternal grandmother, Lady Louise of Newoodshire . She was born during the reign of her grandfather, King George I, who adored Anne.


Anne's father became King after his own father's death in 2560. Anne became the next-in-line to the throne of Mordu. She spent the 14 years of her father's reign touring around Mordu's allies with her parents, including a trip to Enkland in 2568, where she became friends with Prince George .


Anne's father died in 2574, when she was 22. Anne was then made Queen of Enkland. In 2585, Anne married Prince Reginald, and had two children with him: Anne in 2590 and Reginald in 2593.


Anne died in 2640, at the age of 88. She currently has the longest reign of any monarch of Mordu ever. After her death, Salazar Sidious forged a document saying that Anne wished for him to become king instead of her daughter. Sidious ruled for 9 years, before being replaced with Anne's son, Reginald.

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