Queen Anne
Born 2506
Died 2573
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Queen of Enkland
HomeWorld Enkland
Family King William VI (Father)

Queen Sophia (Mother)
Prince Alfred (Husband)
Prince John (Son)

Queen Anne "The Bear" of Enkland (February 6th 2506 - August 1st 2573) was the Queen of Enkland from 2533 until her death 40 years later. She was the lust ruling Queen of Enkland, because, as of 2815, every monarch after her has been male.

Early Life Edit

Anne was born on the 6th of February 2506. She was the second and last child of Prince William of Enkland and Lady Sophia. At the time of Anne's birth, Enkland was ruled by her great-grandfather, King William IV. Anne's older brother was Prince William. William died in 2714, and was succeeded by his eldest son: Anne's grandfather King William V. Anne was not expected to become Queen, and so she was betrothed to Prince Alfred, a son of the Emperor of Suryor, in 2520.

Heir to the Throne Edit

In 2526, Anne's grandfather died. Anne's father was crowned King of Enkland, and Prince William was whisked away into a world of preparing to become King. All the preparations and stress was too much for young William, who became gravely ill. Prince William died on the 8th of May 2527, and Anne became next-in-line to succeed her father.

Marriage and Coronation Edit

Anne married Prince Alfred on the 12th of July 2528. She was 22 and he was 24. In November 2533, Anne gave birth to a baby boy - Prince John. Unfortunately, John died just 1 day after his birth. Anne was hysterical and distraught. Then, 11 days after the death of Prince John, Anne's father, King William, died at the age of 53 from Pneumonia, and Anne was crowned Queen.

Widowhood and Reign Edit

Shortly after Anne's reign, in 2536, her husband - Prince Alfred - was killed by Chief Nyuj whilst trying to invade Haare. Anne went into mourning for the remainder of her life. She never made any more public appearances, and she rarely left her bedroom - let alone the palace. She never remarried after Alfred's death, and, with her lack of an heir, gave her advisers a great deal of stress trying to find a suitable relation to succeed her as monarch of Enkland. As revenge for her husbands death, Anne conquered Haare a few decades later, which resulted in the death of Nyuj.

Death Edit

The entirety of Anne's life was plagued with illness and misfortune. Her illnesses increased in number and severity after her 40th birthday. In the 2570s, her health dramatically deterioated. Anne died on the 1st of August 2573, at the age of 67. She was going to be succeeded by her cousin, the Duke of Xnob, but the Duke was also the Prime Minister of The Galaxy, and so could not inherit titles. The crown, therefore, passed to the Duke's eldest son - George.

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