Queen Ann of Kahzland (Ann Frances Lilly; born December 4th 2739) is the current Queen of Kahzland, and wife of the current king, King James VI.

Queen Ann
Born 2739
Died N/A
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Queen of Kahzland
HomeWorld Enkland
Family King Ewan (Father)

Queen Lily (Mother) King Charles (Brother) Prince Edward (Brother) Princess Catherine (Sister) King James VI (Husband) Prince James (Son)

Early LifeEdit

Ann is the youngest child of King Ewan of Enkland and his wife, Queen Lilly. Ann was born in The Great Palace at 3:31 PM on December the 4th 2739. She was baptised in April, and named Frances after her maternal great-grandmother, Frances Bogen-Löwe, and Lilly after her mother. Ann was close with her elder sister, Catherine, who she would play with every day. Ann was born at the start of the reign of her grandfather, King Christopher.

James VIEdit

Ann first met her future husband, King James VI, in 2751, on a trip to Kahzland. However, upon returning to Enkland, she wrote in her diary that James was a "nasty little creature" and that he "is rude, arrogant and idiotic." James began courting Ann in 2760, and proposed to her 7 times, with Ann declining all of them. Eventually, James' father, King James V, had a word with Ann's father, who told Ann it would make him very happy if she married James. Ann finally married James in 2768.


Ann and James had one child, Prince James, in 2770. Ann raised James all by herself, as her husband spent lots of time away doing "urgent buisness". James grew to love his mother, but has a distant relationship with the King. James married Duchess Cristina in 2798, and had 3 children from that year until 2804. 

Queen of KahzlandEdit

Ann's father-in-law, the King of Kahzland, died in 2800, at the age of 83. Ann and James were then crowned the King and Queen of Kahzland. Prince James became the next-in-line to the throne, also. Ann's husband has currently ruled over Kahzland for 14 years.

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