Professor Samuel Oak is one of Theoland's most famous Proffesors and one of the smartest.

Professor Samuel Oak
The proffesor
the Professor
Born 50 BBU
Died N/A
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Professor
HomeWorld Theoland
Family Farmer Bob Oak (Father)

Early LifeEdit

Samuel grew up in Pallet Town where he worked on his dad's farm. He went to the school in The Great Capital where he studied animals and their behaviour. When he was 20 he moved to The Great Capital where he would live for 20 years before returning to Pallet.


Samuel studied animals around Pallet and The Great Capital. He found out what the animals eat and their behaviour making him the most famous animal professor in the Theoland Galaxy.

Present LifeEdit

Samuel lives in a little house on the outskirts of the forest where he studies animals. He was elected mayor and made the whole town into a wildlife preserve. He is currently working on animals that live on different planets like the lava fish in Lava Land and Zunoivs in space.

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